Recent Notes From Friends:

Hey J! I love the site… seriously, great work… whoever did it for you must be amazing : )

  • claudette flora
  • written on 1/30/2009

Great website but greater book.  You are off and running.  God bless as He has and continues to do.

  • Carrie Rogers
  • written on 1/30/2009

Just wanted you to know I visited the site! Also added you as a friend in Facebook. I just got on it a couple months ago. A lot of my friends from church are on it and it is a fun way to seekp up on what everyone is doing.

I have thought more about it and I think you would enjoy living by Leanne.  I have no regrets and I love living 3 blocks from Jaime.

Still reading and enjoying the book!

  • Linda Campbell
  • Joplin, MO
  • written on 1/23/2009

Hi Jackina, Wanted to be one of the first to visit your website.  It is very cool.  It’s nice being friends with a famous person :-)

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