Recent Notes From Friends:

  • Polly Underwood
  • Muskogee, OK
  • written on 2/1/2009

Just dropped by your website to read and visit. It is exceptionally well designed.  Love the desktop that looks like a writer’s desk. Nice touch! 
The only problem:  if you make a mistake and go back to try to edit it, you can’t.  You highlight the entire box and then it blanks out what you previously wrote.  This is my third rewrite of this box. Maybe it’s a sign that I should slow down and get it right the first time.  Love the chatty friendly style of your website. I feel as if you are sitting down on Aunt Lois’s couch and talking with me. what an incredibly personal experience with you as a writer. I’m so proud to be your cousin!

  • Laura Weaver
  • written on 1/31/2009

I enjoyed your website - very Jackina!  One of my favorite things about your classes was that you challenged your students to THINK and to dig deeper.  I had always enjoyed poetry, but you helped me to dig deeper and understand the meanings.  Brother Gardner did the same thing in Hermeneutics (I will always, always remember the Author’s Intended Meaning).  Thank you for inspiring me so that I in turn could inspire my students.

  • Jean (Ann) Wells
  • written on 1/31/2009

Hi Jackina,

Claudette sent em a link to your web site.  It’s beautiful and I congratulate you not only the success of your new books, but also surviving all those years in education.  I’m still working in higher education.  With this economy, I may never retire.

All the best to you and your pursuits.  You do a beautiful job of being a communicator.


  • Carrie B.
  • written on 1/30/2009

Beautiful web site.

I think the “Are you Human?”  bit is a trick question. At first I answered “yes”. Then I saw the silly word box that I’m supposed to type in.

Just wanted to pop in and show my support.

  • Bryan Hensley
  • written on 1/30/2009

Jackina! Or should I say Mrs. Stark,  the website looks great and although I bought your book the first day it was in the bookstore I have yet to read it… I look forward to it and congratulations on EVERYTHING!

Oooh and when I was filling ou the information so I could post this I got to the “Are you Human?“ question and it put a smile on my face, sounded like something you would get joy out of.

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