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For several weeks I’ve been talking about letting our children know how much we love and enjoy them, and just as importantly, teaching them that God loves them too. I’ve had several blogs about teaching them about God by testifying and by trusting. A third way, though it overlaps the others (perhaps they all overlap), is encouraging children to test God’s Word.

They need to know its relevance for their lives. It should both comfort and confront us so that we can be conformed into the likeness of Christ and know the peace and abundant life that come from obeying Him. Test his word in your life and tell you children about it, and help them test it in their own lives.

I had several opportunities to do this. One night when I tucked Stacey in, I made pretty short work of it. When I leaned over and quickly kissed her goodnight, she asked, “Are you all right, Mom?”


It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written, but I want to continue and complete this series about teaching our children and their children after them. I’ve been talking about teaching them to trust and want to tell you about a time I came to understand that my child had, in fact, learned to trust God.

This took place during a season that began the day Leanne and her husband Scott were told by a fertility specialist that they would never have children. Up to that time, this was clearly the saddest day of our lives. She had loved babies since she was one, and I had imagined their little arms around my neck since the day Leanne married Scott.